Saturday, December 5, 2009

Post-Meeting Advise

At the last meeting on Friday, I didn't have enough time to go over everything. Here are two issues that you need to keep in mind:

1. Money: 
  • An ATM card is the best way to get cash everywhere. Therefore, make sure that your ATM card is unlocked and usable in the countries we will visit. It takes up to a week to do that. Therefore, contact your bank immediately. Make sure you also have enough money on your account.
  • I would take at least $300 in cash, for emergency situations. In case you are only bringing cash with you, then I would suggest $50 a day (total of $600).
  • Credit cards: Visa and Master Card are accepted everywhere. However, many shops, bars and restaurants don't accept credit cards. Don't plan on using your card to pay for lunch and drinks. You will need cash for that.
 2. Rechargeable batteries for cameras, etc.: 
  •  Does your camera or camcorder use rechargeable batteries or not? Make sure to bring enough batteries with you in case your camera takes regular batteries. Don't forget your power cords and plugs!!!
3. Getting to Dulles airport in Washington, DC
  • Everyone MUST be at the airport by 2:30 p.m. We will meet at the Lufthansa counter. Please don't check in until we all arrive. We will check in as a group.  After we check in, we will have a short meeting together. I would recommend carpooling together. Therefore, those who from the Westminster area who are planning on driving to the airport and can give someone a ride, should let me know how many people they can take with them. I know from 2 people who need a ride. We will then meet at my house or at the college and then will drive from there.
 4. Food: Please let me know if you are vegetarian or have any dietary restrictions. I'll then try my best to accommodate your needs. I can order a vegetarian/kosher/fish/etc. meal.

5. Additional fees: Those who didn't bring their checks with them, please pay the additional $100 at the Bursar's Office or stop by my office and bring your check, put it in envelope and leave it under my office door.

6. Blog: Please check out my Blog for the trip at:

I encourage you all to create your own Blogs before we leave. Let me know if you have any questions how to do that or click on this link for a video tutorial:

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